The Back Room
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... for videos that are new, unfinished, special purpose, or otherwise "unlisted" (but NOT confidential).
For the TrickBot landing page
For the SolarWinds landing page
For the Database-Privacy landing page
The "Osmio Transition" video for landing pages
Super-short description of Osmio for Wanna Rule the World landing page
For investors.  UNFINISHED
Digital signatures for the legal world
For website
(Recruiting Attestation Officers)
Screening Room
(Pictures only, no narration)
Abyx Webinar   August 2020
Store version of "Seeds" 
Has new ending inviting individual membership in the Authenticity Alliance  
For the "Journey"
ATTESTATION OFFICER training — new videos created
AC (asymmetric cryptography) version of "What is PKI?"
Same content with PKI-->AC terminology change.
Video for home page of the three "core websites"  
Formerly "Blockchain to Authentiverse"
The LONG story for blockchain outreach. (WORK IN PROGRESS)
Brief introduction to OUTDOORS vs. INDOORS
The "ovals."  
Brief "chip" showing how blockchain is being used for the wrong things.
No narration.
The AC story — history, present, and future — in the context of Micky's unfulfilled vision.
AC version with expanded title