How it all works
Video Series
Intended to be watched in order
How AC Works
Each video ends with an introduction and link to the next one.  The last video ("Flight to Authentiverse") ends with a link to

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What We're Building
Simple concept, transformative power
But Wait!
How do I know it's really YOU?
Synthetic Identities
The next banking meltdown?
Biometrics won't help.
The Receptionist
Attestation Officers
License Plates
Shielding Personal Data
From Big Brother
The Definition of Authenticity
Flight to Authentiverse
IDentity Quality Assurance – measurable
confidence that you are who you claim to be
Borrowed wisdom from the real estate model
of the physical world
Who ARE you?
Their critical role in Authenticity™
on the Information Highway
How the Internet of People Protocol
protects a centralized database
Signatures, certificates, and beyond
Welcome to the Vital Records Department
of the City of Osmio
From AC to Authentiverse™
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Putting It Together
Introduction to the series